Newly Updated Minor League Rosters

I hit the Carpenter Complex to check out the first day of minor league games. It was the Clearwater (Group 3) team and the Lakewood (Group 4) teams against the Orioles. Nothing of terrific interest to report except that I did pick up the newly updated minor league rosters. This version has the guys broken out into five groups not four like the previous version that I had posted a while back.

Though these rosters are still subject to quite a bit of change before the season actually starts, they do seem to be much closer to what each roster may look like. The Group 1 seems most likely for the biggest changes as guys continue to get sent down from the big league camp, but as you move to groups, 2, 3, 4 & five I see less change happening at each lower level. Of course “less” is relative with perhaps even as much as 50% change still to come.

I’ll keep on the lookout for each new officially posted roster and keep them updated here as needed.


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