Threshers Roster Moves

The Phillies made some roster moves today that affected the Clearwater Threshers. Starting pitcher Zack Segovia was released and catcher Alan Robbins was promoted to AA Reading. This puts the Threshers roster at only 21 players four under the league’s 25 player limit, so we should see some promotions from Lakewood, or some new draftees moving to Clearwater in the next couple of days.

The team has three days off with the FSL All-Star game this weekend so there is some time for the team to make a few moves without being in a big hurry. Speculation is that Australian starting pitcher Drew Naylor will be moved up from Lakewood, and I would have to guess that Australian catcher Joel Naughton may be moved up from Lakewood as well to move into the spot vacated by Threshers’ catcher Alan Robbins. Both are scheduled to play in the SAL All-Star game on Tuesday and both are very young though, so there is no rush to get them down to the FSL.

I would guess that Carlos Monasterios and/or Andrew Carpenter may be ready to be activated from the DL for spots leaving perhaps one last pitching spot on the Threshers staff open. Chance Chapman has been hot in Lakewood this year, and speculation would have to go to him coming to Clearwater also, and then of course there is Darren Byrd who started the year at Clearwater, and seems to be on track in Lakewood, possibly ready for a move back down south…who knows?

There is no official news so everything is pure speculation on my part at this point. We’ll know in a few day one way or the other how this all shakes out. Until then I am headed to the east coast in about an hour to see our boys and coaching staff in the FSL All-Star game.

At this point nothing is official, so we will just have to sit back and wait out the weekend I suppose to see what happens after the all-star break when the Threshers return to action on Monday

One response to “Threshers Roster Moves

  1. Well, part of the roster situation was worked out when the Phillies signed a new catcher and assigned him to Reading sending Alan Robbins back to Clearwater. Andrew Carpenter also came off of the DL to take up one of the empty pitching slots.

    That leaves the team two shy of the 25 limit.

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