The First Half Ends on Wednesday

Well…I didn’t get the rain I had prayed for on Tuesday night, but I did take a much needed night off from baseball. After spending the weekend in Brevard County for the All-Star Game I neglected my domestic duties and had to do some fun at home things on Tuesday night. Things like mow the grass and give the dogs a bath…yeehaw!

Meanwhile the Threshers downed the Yankees in both halves of a double header to build some momentum for the team as they close out the first half of the season and look to improve in the second half of the season. One game remains on Wednesday night against the Yankees before the Threshers will get a fresh start and an 0-0 record for the final 70 games of the 2008 campaign.

I’m just about to head over to Tampa for a final farewell to a half of a season that will best be remembered by the team and fans alike as a thing of the past. We have a ton of talent on the team this season, and so it is as puzzling to me as I am sure that it is to the manager and players why the record was was it was.

The team is going to be a different squad for the rest of 2008, and I look forward to the rest of the year. However, despite what the record is at the end of the year I will have enjoyed another season of baseball, and meeting a great new group of guys this year.


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