Brian Schlitter Likes the New Threshers Stadium in Daytona

Brian Schlitter told a reporter for the Clearwater Threshers News today that he “really likes” the new stadium in Daytona.

A somewhat confused Schlitter was apparently unaware that he had been traded to the Daytona Cubs several weeks ago. Brian went on to say “the new uniforms and logo are very cool too. That cute little bear seems a lot nicer than the shark we used to have.” He also said that while he wasn’t quite sure why the rest of the guys didn’t make the move with the team from Clearwater that these new guys seemed alright, and the team was playing “a whole lot better.”

He also had kudos for his new manager Jody Davis who he said was “a lot nicer than that mean ‘Razor’ guy who used to coach the team in Clearwater.” Manager Davis said later that though Brian seemed a bit confused about the new situation that he was pitching so good no one had the heart to really try to explain what was going on. “I know he started a beer company a few months ago and maybe he is sampling a bit to much of his own product” Jody Davis said. “As long as he keeps pitching the way he is we can look the other way.”


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