Quintin Berry Arrested in Overnight Raid

Clearwater, FL (AP):   In a still developing story it was learned this morning that Clearwater Threshers center fielder Quintin Berry was arrested after an overnight raid of his apartment.   Clearwater police would not reveal exactly what led them to Berry, but it is believed that an undercover informant within the Dunedin Bluejays organization had been working with the police in a season long sting operation.  The Bluejays front office did not return my phone calls, but I did speak with Dunedin catcher Matt Liuzza earlier today.

Quintin Berry booking photo courtesy of Clearwater PD.

“Berry is lucky he got away with what he was doing for as long as he did” said Liuzza.  “It’s a miracle he wasn’t caught sooner.  I mean he was pretty blatant about what he was doing … stealing bases right out in the open in a stadium full of fans and hundreds of witnesses.”

Clearwater police did confirm that they had recovered over forty stolen bases stashed at Quintin Berry’s apartment with a street value of nearly $2.5 million, but released no more information on the nature of the charges to be filed.  Apparently  the Clearwater Threshers manager Razor Shines was brought in for questioning as a possible accomplice in the case, but was released just a few hours later without charges being filed.

Stay tuned here as we will update this news as appropriate.


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