New News?

Clearwater Threshers News Man…what is up?

Not a lot people, how are you all doing?

Man this offseason is the worst ever….the waiting is horrible!

We got to see the Phillies win the World Series!  YES!

That was definitely most awesome…but who will we see next from down in Clearwater make an impact in 2009?

There is so much talent in the wings waiting to happen.

Lou Marson has got to be at the top of the list, and then there is Mr. Golson who we have all known was a sleeper for a while.  Jeremy Slayden anyone?

I wish I knew what was in store, but all I know at this point is that Spring Training 2009 will be one of the best times I have seen in years. 

The minor league coahing staffs are up in the air, and the pitching coach at Clearwater has done an excellent job.  Steve Schrenk has got to be on the radar for a move, but he has done so well at this level we’d hate to see him go. 

Anyone with some knowledge…let us all know by postin some good replies…


5 responses to “New News?

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Do you think Aussies Joel Naughton and Drew Naylor will start 2009 with The Threshers?

  2. I was surprised that Naughton did not make it to Clearwater in 2008, so it is definitely likely that he will start there in 2009. Drew Naylor is likely to start at Clearwater, but I would not be surprised to see him in Reading to start the year either. Everything will depend on the pitching depth within the organization. The team may want to keep Naylor in Clearwater and let him get off to a good start like he did in 2008 at Lakewood and then promote him later, or they may try and chanllenge him with a move to Rrreading right off the bat.

    Just my opinions of course, and that is worth what you make of it.


    Thanks Jeff.

    Phillies have a lot of catching talent so I figured Joel might start in Clearwater. I can’t see him at Lakewood a 3rd season if he is on the 40 man.

    Spoke to his mum and she wants him in Reading if only for the fact it’s not as Humid !!!

    FYI. Link attached to the Aussie Natinal Titles. I believe 4 Phillies Minors playing.

  4. As you mentioned, the Phillies have a lot of catching talent. We know the Marson and Jaramillo will start no lower than Lehigh Valley and Reading, so that means that if Naughton were to go to Reading it would be in a back up role. The other option is that one or more of the Phillies catchers is traded in the off-season. While I have not heard anything about this, I would not be totally surprised to see Jaramillo moved. I have heard some rumblings the last couple of years. He has been steady, but never able to make the jump to the next level. With this much catching talent there isn’t room for everyone, but then again catching helps develop pitching, so as long as the Phillies have the ability they will keep asmuch talent as they can.

    • Well Jaramillo was traded as I mentioned, but I did not expect it would be for another catcher. I’m not sure what that was all about. It really doesn’t seem to help the team at all…

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