Disturbing Search Criteria

As the webmaster I can see a variety of reports related to the people who access this webpage, and how they found the site. One of the reports I can see is a listing of the search terms people used to find the site. Normal search terms would include: “clearwater threshers” – “phillies” – “brett harker” – etc…

Today I noticed one search which seemed a bit unusual. Someone had found the site by searching for the term: “sam walls pitcher of the week threshers republican cross dresser”.

Now I can see why they would find this sight based on that search criterea. Sam Walls has been a Threshers pitcher of the week in the past, but the republican cross dresser part? It seems a bit odd that someone would have used that term in conjunction with a search for Sam Walls. Of course I don’t know a lot about Sam Walls’ activities outside of the ballpark….

Follow the link to vote in the Sam Walls poll: Sam Walls – Republican Cross-Dresser or Regular Guy?


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