Spring Training Just Days Away

Well, we are just a few days from the beginning of ST as pitcher’s and catcher’s will report to the Carpenter Complex for the Phillies on Saturday in Clearwater. A little farther south in St. Petersburg the Rays will host Fan Fest with a chance for fans to meet the team for the first time in 2009, and the first time since their terrific AL Championship season.

The Phillies will have their Fan Fest at Brighthouse Field the following Friday, February 20th.

I’ve only been to the Rays fan fest once, and it was crazily busy when I went. There are interactive activities at the Trop and chances to get player autographs, though the lines were so long I did not brave going through them. I would have to think that this year the crowd will be even bigger than ever. My wife is working that day, so I’ll probably make the trip down and brave the crowds. (Or clean house that day…NOT!)

I’ve been to the Phillies Fan Fest every year for at least 10 years. It’s usally fairly busy (considering it is so early in ST that not that many Philadelphians are here yet for ST) but I would think that this year it will be busier than usual. Interactive stuff, player autographs and most importantly my first chance to get a beer at the stadium in 2009!


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