Warning: I sat down to eat what I was hoping would be a delicious Healthy Choice microwave lunch today, but at the moment I am sorely disappointed.

The package boasts “White Meat Chicken in Homestyle Glaze, Vegatables, Whipped Potatoes & Peach Crisp” but to my shock and horror when I opened the package the microwave safe plate contained but three compartments, none of which housed whipped potatoes!

White Meat Chicken in Homestyle Glaze…CHECK!

Vegetables … CHECK!

Peach Crisp … Questionable, but CHECK!

Whipped Potatoes? OMG, no freaking Whipped Potatoes.

Healthy Choice meals, and ConAgra Foods, you will not get away with this! You have wronged me and I will have my revenge. When and where you will never know, but I urge you to be vigilant. I’m keeping my eye on you.




Jeff Crupper


2 responses to “ALL CONSUMERS BEWARE!

  1. What the H! Whipped Potatoes would be the best thing in that group….since the peach crisp was questionable!!!! Sorry about your luck!

  2. LOL – missed your taters did you? That’s a bummer. But honestly, all in all – I’ve had a really good experience with them. Sorry to see your tater-misshap!

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