Rain Rain Go Away Already!

Well, sorry for the lack of Threshers coverage this week, but…

Thanks to Mother Nature there has been absolutely nothing to cover. The team has been rained out for four consecutive games, and rain continues in the forecast for the forseeable future. The team has a three-game set with the Tampa Yankees scheduled for the weekend, but the Steinbrenner Field is not known for draining water very quickly, so it is quite possible that the rain out streak could reach seven games. I hope that doesn’t happen, because I’m jonesing for some ball, but I’m not going to be surprised if it does indeed happen.

In the meantime try to keep yourselves entertained with the following player profiles, if you have not already done so. The newest addition is Joel Naughton, but others include:
Chance Chapman, Derrick MItchell, Dominic Brown, Yohan Flande, Freddy Jose Galvis Gonzales, Chris Kissock, Kyle Drabek, Matt Rizzotti, Michael Schwimer and Yonderman Rodriguez.

Also, if you are a FACEBOOK user I’ve created a few programs for a bit of fun. There is …

Are you as awesome as the Threshers mascot Phinley?

Unbelievable but True: The Drew Naylor Random Fact Generator

Are you as cool as Chance Chapman?

What Matt Rizzotti Super Power do you have?

and last but certainly not least…

How much are you like Kyle Drabek?

I’ll be creating more stuff as the season goes on, so if you enjoy the fun side, and use FACEBOOK you can friend me (Jeff Crupper) to keep up on the newest and latest creations. Also, I usually uplaod 25-50 pictures of every home game, so if you want pictures you can follow those on Facebook as well.


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