New Faces Heading to Clearwater

The second half begins Thursday, June 25th with all team’s records starting over at 0-0. The winner of the second half will face the Brevard County Manatees (winners of the first half) in the playoffs this year. Rumor has it that we will see several new faces on the team within the next few days, and perhaps as soon as Monday the 22nd. OF Steve Susdorf, starting pitcher Jon Velasquez and starting pitcher Santo Hernandez have been officially announced as promotions from Lakewood, and word is that Tyler Cloyd will join them in Clearwater after the SAL All-Star Game on Tuesday the 23rd.

That should mean some players from Clearwater may be moved up, or players could be released which is fairly typical for this time of year just after the draft. So far Reading has not announced any players being promoted, so that likely means we will see some Threshers players released today. Stay tuned here for news as it happens this afternoon.


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