Looking Forward to 2010 (Already)

Well folks … I appologize for ending updates so abruptly during the 2009 season, but unfortunately real life sometimes takes priority over frivilous things like running a minor league blog. This blog, and especially the Threshers Nation website require tons of time each week to keep up and unfortunately I have just not had the time lately to keep them running properly. I do however want to remain involved, so I am starting to think about how to keep things going next season without having to spend 2-3 hours per day doing it.

I’ve decided that the best way to do that isa to get other people involved. Primarily I am thinking that we need to get a fanclub going for our team in Clearwater. Dunedin and Tampa both have booster clubs, and they get far fewer fans per game than we do, so why not? I’ve had people ask me about this or suggest it to me over the years, and somehow I feel like now the time is right. Running a fanclub website won’t be nearly as time consuming as running a daily news site, and it will also hopefully help grow support for the team.

I’m going to be talking to people at the ballpark over the last few games this year, and hopefully over the off-season we can make this thing a reality. Send me an email if you have any interest in getting something like this going. I obviously can’t be a one man fan club, so let’s work together and get this going for our boys.


One response to “Looking Forward to 2010 (Already)

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for your updates last year. Found your website last year after returning from st for the first time ever. From nj. Do you think you could do the workout rosters like you did last year. It would be greatly appreciated.. Wish I could get back ,loved it

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