2010 Spring Training

Well, Spring Training is officially underway for the first weekend of 2010. Minor league players won’t officially report to camp for another couple of weeks, but many of the top prospects and hardest working guys will show up early to workout at the facilities even if they are not officially part of the drills.

I’ll try to get my hands on a minor league workout groups roster as soon as one becomes available, and get the groups listed with who is working out where. Just a reminder to all, these groups are very fluid, and in many (if not most) cases the players will end up at a level below where they start Spring Training, and unfortunately many of them will not make the team at all.

As far as the 2010 Clearwater squad, it should be loaded with talent. Lakewood was the winner of their league championship in 2009, and the majority of that squad should find their way to Clearwater in 2010. You all may remember the last time Lakewood won a championship is 2006 the team repeated by winning a 2007 Championship for Clearwater.


One response to “2010 Spring Training

  1. Thanks for the workout groups. Wish I was there.

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