2010 Website Preview

I am as excited as ever about baseball being back for another season, so I wanted to share what to expect for this year with everyone. Most of the visitors to this blog are aware that my main Threshers website Threshers Nation has a full schedule, roster and game recaps for each of the last seven seasons. This year I am going to be scaling back the game write ups after every game, but will be replacing them with live reports via Twitter this year. If you would like to subscribe to my new live game updates click here to subscribe.

If you do not already have a twitter account you will need to sign up for a free account and then visit my page Threshers’ Nation and click the “Follow” link. You can get live game updates sent straight to your cell phone or you can visit the site daily to get quick recaps of the previous night’s game.

The whole website and twitter process will be a work in progress for the season, and I hope it goes well. Bottom line is that this will allow you to get quicker updates on games than in the past, and I won’t have to spend two hours a night after each game writing a recap. Feel free to continue to give feedback using the contact me link over at Threshers Nation’s main page.


2 responses to “2010 Website Preview

  1. Bright House Fan

    How can one Twitter with a beer in both hands?

    • What kind of a question is that? Are you trying to disparage my character, or are you questioning my abilities? Or is it both perhaps? Rest assured that where there is a will there is a way…

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