Threshers Win Big in 2010 Opener!

Fidel Hernadez got off to a strong start with 4 RBIs in the game, while Brian Gump and Troy Hanzawa each had 2 RBIs. Matt Rizzotti picked up the Threshers’ first HR of the year going 3-4 on the night, and Austin Hyatt held the Jays hitless going into the 7th until giving up a 2-run HR.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Threshers Nation Twitter feed go do it now to get live updates as the games happen all season. CLICK HERE for tonight’s boxscore.

The Threshers twitter feed will be my main outpost this year so go sign up now!

One response to “Threshers Win Big in 2010 Opener!

  1. Austin Hyatt is some more baseball pitcher. The Phillies need to move him to the main club.

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