About The Author

I’ve been a season ticket holder for the Threshers since the team began, and for the Clearwater Phillies prior to that at the old Jack Russell stadium.  I have been writing daily updates for each game on the Clearwater Threshers News site since 2001, and have been writing weekly recaps and breaking news at Phuture Phillies dot Com since 2006.

The opinions expressed here are just that, opinions. I am purely a fan of the team. I have seats on the front row right next to the dugout, and I go to the games to cheer the boys on. I am not a professional journalist, or a scout. I never played baseball at a high competitive level, and all I know about the game I learned with a beer in my hand while watching from the stands. I started out blogging as a joke just for the fun of running a website … it was really just intended to be the crazy fan’s perspective of the games.

Over the years I was sort of forced into the role of “THE” news source for the team and into playing the role of a serious journalist because the “Official” website until the 2008 season was never kept up to date, and it is still never as up-to-date as my own site. I try not to pretend like I know more than I really do, but because I get so many emails from friends and families of players I keep putting stuff out there for public consumption.

Every year my website sponsors fan voted awards for the players, and I name player of the game and monthly player awards myself. I want to see these guys live the dream as long as possible, and I try to recognize their efforts because I know at this level they get very little recognition. We’ve had a great bunch of guys come through over the years, and each year I get to meet a new enthusiastic crop of players. It’s a lot of fun, and I look forward to each game win or lose. When you are on the site try to visit a sponsors link (no purchase necessary … I get a few cents each time you click the link whether you buy anything or not) or visit the store and buy something to support the cause. I make no money from the site, and what little income there is supports the awards at the end of each season and just the general costs of running the site (though most of the cost is subsidized by myself as is all of the labor cost of doing the updates.)

Mainly I enjoy interacting with the players, cheering the team on and having a few cold ones at the ballpark. I hope the players can appreciate that and they don’t take my website too seriously, because I certainly don’t. Drop me an email anytime with questions or comments, they are always appreciated and welcomed.

Stop by Jeff Crupper dot Com for more insight into Jeff Crupper the person.


4 responses to “About The Author

  1. What position players in Xtendend spring training will probably land on the Williamsport roster?

  2. Honestly I’m not sure. I really don’t have much insite on the GCL or NYPL teams, I would guess though that the roster should be announced just about any day now.

  3. Jeff,

    Thanks for bringing the site back up! We all reallllllllllllllly apreciate all your work! Keep up the great work!


  4. HELLO!

    Go Threshers. Go IronPigs. Go Phillies.

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