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Scrimmage Tonight

The Threshers will play the GCL Phillies in a pre-season scrimmage. It’s free to get in, but if it is like years past there will be no concessions, but for those of us die hard fans it’s the first chance to get a look at the 2011 squad. See you there.


2010 Phillies Minor League Workout Groups

Keep in mind that these groups, especially this first list, are very fluid. Where players are listed now is not likely to be where the player will end up playing the 2010 season for a bunch of these guys.

CLICK HERE to view the 2010 Phillies minor league workout groups. Theoretically Group 1 would be Lehigh Valley, Group 2 would be Reading, Group 3 would be Clearwater, and Group 4 would be Lakewood.

There will eventually be a Group 5 added to the list with Extended Spring Training and Williamsport guys on it as people on this list slide down the rungs over the course of Spring Training. Usually this list is updated each Mondays or Tuesday so I’ll try to post the new list each week as they become available.

Rays Nix Threshers Pat Burrell Bobblehead

UPDATE: WOW! I first broke this story on Thursday night, and it has really taken off. All of the local media outlets have picked up on it, and so has the Associated Press. I’ve seen the articled cloned on at least a dozen other websites, and seen it referenced on many others. Thanks for spreading the word people. BOO RAYS!

IN OTHER NEWS: The Tampa Bay Rays have appearantly chosen to execute a rarely used agreement between Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball that allows any MLB club to prohibit a minor league franchise within 60 miles of their club to give away bobblehead dolls at any game (plus other prohibited promotional activities).

On Friday the Threshers are scheduled to give away a Pat Burrell bobblehead as part of a Friday night bobblehead series which has already included Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins on two previous Friday night games. The Threshers’ intention was to give away a bobblehead of every starting player in the Phillies 2008 World Series lineup.

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Phillies Minor League Groups 3/30/09

The latest news from the Philadelphia Phillies minor league camp. There have been many releases since the last post.

View the latest minor league rosters under the fold. (Updated 3:45pm)

Still a lot of changes to come, so don’t get married to these.
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2009 Phillies Minor League Workout Groups

UPDATED:  3/24/09

Here is a look at the current workout groups for the Phillies minor league teams.  Keep in mind that there will be MANY changes before the season actually gets underway.  Players are still going to get sent down from the Phillies ST roster to the minors.  That will create a ripple effect of players on this list moving down.  Also (and unfortunately) many of these players will be cut before the season starts and may not end up on any roster despite where they are listed now.  There was a small first round of cuts this week with 11 guys getting their walking papers.

This is updated weekly, so I will try to get the new groups up ASAP again next week.

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A Threshers Fan’s Life Changing Christmas Gift

Torhild Niellsson,  a local man who is a long-time Threshers and Phillies fan, said his life was changed this Christmas when his wife presented him with a gift he will never forget. “When I saw the package under the tree I couldn’t figure out what the heck it was, ” he said. “Sometimes when my wife was gone and I was home alone I would pick up the package and shake it, or feel around the thing to try to figure it out. There was this curly metal thing on one edge of the package. I thought it was a spiral notebook or something, but it didn’t have very many pages and that was confusing.” Continue reading

Threshers End 2008 64-76 (.457)

The Clearwater Threshers ended the season much as would have been expected. If nothing else we can say the team was consistent this season. By losing their final game the team finished with a record of 32-38 (.457) for the second half of the season. In the first half of the year the team finished with a record of 32-38 (.457), and overall for the year the team finished 64-76 (.457).
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