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Scrimmage Tonight

The Threshers will play the GCL Phillies in a pre-season scrimmage. It’s free to get in, but if it is like years past there will be no concessions, but for those of us die hard fans it’s the first chance to get a look at the 2011 squad. See you there.


2010 Clearwater Threshers Roster

CLICK HERE to view the roster for the 2010 Clearwater Threshers. I still have a lot of improvements to make on the look and feel of the page, but at least you get to see the players who will be in Clearwater for the 2010 campaign.

2010 Phillies Minor League Workout Groups

Keep in mind that these groups, especially this first list, are very fluid. Where players are listed now is not likely to be where the player will end up playing the 2010 season for a bunch of these guys.

CLICK HERE to view the 2010 Phillies minor league workout groups. Theoretically Group 1 would be Lehigh Valley, Group 2 would be Reading, Group 3 would be Clearwater, and Group 4 would be Lakewood.

There will eventually be a Group 5 added to the list with Extended Spring Training and Williamsport guys on it as people on this list slide down the rungs over the course of Spring Training. Usually this list is updated each Mondays or Tuesday so I’ll try to post the new list each week as they become available.

Threshers Nation on Twitter

Click here to sign up for the new Threshers Nation twitter account. For the 2010 season you’ll get live updates from the park on game news and scores. Because of the addition of twitter to the Threshers Nation family the postings here and the website will be less frequent.

Sign up to follow Threshers Nation on TWITTER for 2010 and beyond!

Phanfest This Friday!

For those of us who’ve waited all winter for the return of baseball, the wait is almost over. Spring Training has started, and our first chance to meet the 2010 squad will be this Friday night in Clearwater at Brighthouse Field. The team will host Phanfest with players signing autographs and a silent auction of baseball memoribilia. The night will end with one of the team’s nearly world famous fireworks spectaculars.

Woohoo. Games begin next week with an exhibition game against Florida State University on Wednesday night, and then the official Spring opener vs their 2009 World Series nemesis the Evil Empire of the New York Yankees on Thursday afternoon.

2010 Spring Training

Well, Spring Training is officially underway for the first weekend of 2010. Minor league players won’t officially report to camp for another couple of weeks, but many of the top prospects and hardest working guys will show up early to workout at the facilities even if they are not officially part of the drills.

I’ll try to get my hands on a minor league workout groups roster as soon as one becomes available, and get the groups listed with who is working out where. Just a reminder to all, these groups are very fluid, and in many (if not most) cases the players will end up at a level below where they start Spring Training, and unfortunately many of them will not make the team at all.

As far as the 2010 Clearwater squad, it should be loaded with talent. Lakewood was the winner of their league championship in 2009, and the majority of that squad should find their way to Clearwater in 2010. You all may remember the last time Lakewood won a championship is 2006 the team repeated by winning a 2007 Championship for Clearwater.

Fun Practical Joke for Kids

cryboyOne thing I know is that kid’s like it when you play tricks on them. For example, I was going to take my nephew to see a baseball game, but instead I drove to an old burned down warehouse.

“Oh No!” I exclaimed, “it looks like the ballpark burned down. I bet all of the players are dead.”

On the way home he cried and he cried, but deep down I’m pretty sure he thought it was a good joke.